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Ok, are you looking for an online job? Whether the job is full time or on the side, there are things that you should be aware of before diving into the world of online work. The internet is big and it is a great way to look for a job. Here’s the helpful advice that you can keep in mind in order to make it and succeed. When I was just starting my online career, an friend who works as a Philippines SEO Expert, he shared his experience with online job hunting. He said that your reputation online is really helpful in gaining the trust of recruiters.

In addition, seeking for an online job requires a good judgment. Just any marketplace, there are pros and cons with dealing with online work. I have created a guide that you can use when choosing the right job. As you know, just because it is online, it doesn’t mean that you cannot treat it seriously.

It is vital to know the essentials first before applying for the job you like. These are the things that can help you choose your new source of income:

  • Prepare a resume that fits well for the job. The first page should already highlight your strengths and the benefits of hiring you. Most employers receive tons of resume daily. So, in order to stand out, make your resume captivating. Also, tailor your resume to the job that is being offered.
  • Look for your name online. Yes, this may sound creepy, but you should be aware of your reputation online. A little Google search of your name will do the trick. You’re applying for an online job, so make sure that you can explain everything that shows up in the Google search result.
  • Since you’re applying for an online job, most of your work requires you to be online. You should display your knowledge in working with thing around the internet. Having a website or maybe a social profile is enough. Post your past work if you have any, create a blog to have your recruiters get a glimpse of your thinking process, and most importantly, create a Linkedin profile that has recommendations from your past employers.

Every new job seeker should be aware of the pointers I have outlined above. Applying for an online job is a bit tricky compared to corporate job because both employer and employee cannot see each other, thus, trust is one of the key ingredients to make it work. One of my friends, Allain who is now an SEO Consultant in the Philippines, started his career online by building his own website with a testimonial from his previous clients. It worked well for him, so I have a reason to say that it will also work for you.

The pointers I mentioned, however, is not a standard thing that you should do, but it will be very helpful if you follow them. Online job is a good way to start a new job, whether it’s a permanent or on the side thing. The main point is to earn, obviously, but there’s a strict process that every applicant should follow.

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